Hayfever On A Rise

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According to the BBC, there is a  surge in number of people suffering from hayfever. Allergy UK say this year has been “particularly bad” and they’re warning the combination of tree and grass pollen could cause problems for young sufferers who are about to sit their exams.


We at Epharmacy Online recommend these products for you to stay problem free during the heatwave.


Prevalin™ relieves the symptoms of hay fever in the nose and eyes
without causing side effects.

Once shaken Prevalin™ becomes a liquid that can be easily sprayed into the nose.
It then forms a stable and impermeable microgel barrier blocking the allergens from
irritating the nasal mucosa and causing symptoms.



Ingredients: Aqueous suspension of 0.05% micronised fluticasone propionate. Each actuation contains 50mcg of fluticasone propionate
Product Indication: Prophylaxis and treatment of allergic rhinitis
Dosage Instructions: Adults 18 years and over: Two sprays into each nostril once daily, preferably in the morning. Not more than four sprays per nostril per day
CautionaryInfo: Caution: Not to be used by people under 18 years
Pack Size: 60 sprays






Ingredients: Tablets containing cetirizine dihydrochloride 10mg
Product Indication: Symptomatic relief of allergic rhinitis
Dosage Instructions: Adults and children over 6 years: One tablet daily
CautionaryInfo: Caution: Not recommended for children below 12 years
Pack Size: 30




You can GoTo our HAYFEVER & ALLERGY Section and see our range of products.


Pravalin Nasal Spray

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Prevalin™ relieves the symptoms of hay fever in the nose and eyes
without causing side effects.

Once shaken Prevalin™ becomes a liquid that can be easily sprayed into the nose.
It then forms a stable and impermeable microgel barrier blocking the allergens from
irritating the nasal mucosa and causing symptoms.


Prevalin™’s triple action formula ensures an effective treatment preventing
pollen from irritating the mast cells and releasing histamines:

Prevalin™’s patented formula contains specific ingredients that uniquely
deactivate pollen in the nose so it cannot irritate the nasal mucosa.

Prevalin™’s microgel formula then forms an impermeable layer on the mucosa
for protection against pollen irritation.

Prevalin™ also stimulates the clearance of pollen from the body.


New Baby Range

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At Epharmacy Online we have expanded our range to include a new extended baby range. Our customer’s believe that we offer value for money. We strive to uphold this view held by our customer’s and offer great savings on valued products and will continue to do so.

Deluxe Baby Basket

This is a prefect gift for new baby. All the items are beautifully wrapped inside a wicker basket and tied with a satin bow. The gift includes; a soft baby shawl, soft brushed cotton blanket, cotton sleepsuit, body suit, vest, embroidered tie neck bib, three baby bibs, cotton hat, baby booties, teddy. We also wupply a gift card. The Gift basket comes in two colours pink and blue, and in two sizes, newborn and 0 – 3 months. this would make an ideal gift for a loved one.





Clevamama Sleep Positioner

This new product has been developed to reduce the risk of you baby developing Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome) common in young babies. New research from Trinity College, Dublin has proven that use of memory foam reduces this risk.

The Clevamamma Memory Foam Baby Pillow protects the round shape of your baby’s soft head and keeps the correct alignment of the head and spine.
Clevamamma is working harder to make your life easier. Their complete range of memory foam products will help protect the shape of your baby’s fast growing head and body during those early months.
Your Baby will love to relax in this bouncer!
This features a cradling seat for your baby’s comfort. It is lightweight for maximum portability. Has adjustable 3 point harness for baby’s security. It also has non slip feet. It can be used from birth onwards. And take a baby of maximum weight of 2olbs.
New and improved Electric Bottle and Food Warmer makes it quick and easy to heat milk and baby food safely. The warmer heats everything from breastmilk to babyfood while helping to preserve the nutrients that are vital to your baby’s healthy development. Just place your bottle or food jar in the warmer, then use the control dial to adjust the temperature in accordance with the instructions below. Warming times will depend on the capacity abd the starting temperature on the feed. The warmng time of 4 minutes is based on heating a 150ml serving of milk from an ambient room temperature (20°C).

Hauck Minnie & Mickey Mouse Bungee Deluxe

The rocking movement of the hauck Bungee Deluxe guarantees optimum comfort for baby and the plush toys encourage playing skills.

The soft padded backrest has a single handed 3-way adjust mechanism and the rocker bars are lockable so the child can comfortably sleep or be fed. The carry handles make this bouncer easy to carry around too.


  • This child recliner is suitable for children aged up to 9 month and weighing max. 9 kg
  • Locking function
  • Soft pad
  • Includes toybar
  • Outer material: 100 % polyester; filling: 100 % polyester fleece
  • Removable cover, washable 30°
  • Easy transportation by carryhandle
  • Dimensions reclining platform: 31 cm x 52 cm x 83 cm
  • 3 position adjustable back unlocks with one hand

Tiny Love Gymini Sunny Day Play Gym

With fun hanging toys, abundant developmental activities on the mat, a musical sun with three playful tunes and cute dangling toys, the Gymini® Sunny Day will encourage baby’s development and attract her curiosity, whether on her tummy or on her back.
  • Tap & Play sun with 3 different tunes
  • Mirror for extended tummy time
  • Turtle rattle
  • Jitter frog
  • Peek-a-boo flower
  • Teether
  • Satin ribbon

Developmental Values
Develops hearing with three cheerful musical triangle tunes, plus various other sounds on the mat and toys.
Strengthens muscles and provides tummy-time – a large mirror to explore stimulates neck lifting and a comfy mat fascinates with images.



Accu Chek Aviva Nano Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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More About This Device:

This device has prefect and portable design. Its provides quick, easy, and accurate testing. Accu Chek Aviva Nano System offers style and preformance in a small reliable meter. This meter provides fast testing in any situation, you can test your blood glucose levels in the day and night with confidence, thanks to its glow in the dark display. This was not available with it predecessor the Accu Chek Aviva. Accu Check Aviva Nano has unique clixmotion technology which has proven to provide the least painful Accu Chek Multiclix finger prinker. This sytem has half the steps to provide you the readings you need. This is achieved by no lancet handling, it has a safe hygienic drum with 6 preloaded lancets. With this device you need only a ting blood sample. It uses the same test strips as the Accu Chek Aviva System. It has 500 test memory with 7, 14, 30, & 90 day test averages.  This small reliable device can be programmed to alert you when a test is due. The system has meal markers and 4 test reminder alarms.

Available at Epharmacy Online – Accu Chek Aviva Nano


Hayfever: What Epharmacy Online Recommends

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The Summer is Coming….

People suffer from sneezing, watery eyes,  runny nose.  Why?

Allergy to pollen is the answer. There no is cure. But we can prevent ourselves.

Hayfever is a form of allergic rhinitis, this is caused by pollen or spores. Pollen inflames the inside of your nose. It causes, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes. Hayfever usually occurs in the summer months when there is more pollen in the air, beauce of tree, grass, plants release pollen as part of their reproductive process. People with hayfever can experience symptoms at different times of the year. As some people are allergic to different types of pollen.

Hayfever can be classified into two categories:

Intermittent – Symptoms are present for up to four days a week, or for up to four weeks in a row

Persistent – Symptoms are present for more than four days a week, or for more than four weeks in a row.

The symptoms of hay fever occur when the immune system (the body’s defence system) overreacts to a normally harmless substance, in this case pollen. When the body comes into contact with pollen, cells in the lining of the nose, mouth and eyes release a chemical called histamine. This triggers the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

How common is it?

Hay fever is a common condition that affects around 20% of people in the UK. Hay fever is more likely if there is a family history of allergies, particularly asthma or eczema. In England, there may be over 10 million people with hay fever.


Hay fever cannot be cured completely, but here are a number of treatments available to relieve the symptoms.

Beconase Allergy Nasal Spray – £4.59

Benadryl Allergy Relief Caps – £3.35

Benadryl Allergy Syrup For Children 70ml – £4.07

Clarityn 30 Tabs – £6.89

Flixonase Nasal Spray – £5.25

Nasaleze Hayfever & Allergy Prevention – £6.55

Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops 5ml – £3.49

Zirtek Allergy Tablets – £3.89


Treatment For Cold Sores

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Cold Sores are caused by herpes simplex viruses. Normally Herpes simplex type 1 virus (HSV-1). Cold sore normally occur around the mouth and are small, blister like lesions.


The virus is highly contagious. It can be easily passed from one person to another by close direct contact.




Cold sores normally clear from 7 to 10 days without treatment and leave no scar.


Cream and Treatments are avialable over the counter that help ease the symptoms and speed to the healing process.


To be effective, the treatments must be applied as soon as you have sign of cold sores such as burning or tingling sensation.


Treatement Avialable:


Fenistil Cold Sore Cream – £4.60



Zovirax – £4.60



Virasorb Cold Sore Cream 2g – £3.69



Lypsyl Cold Sore Cream 2g – £3.35



Soothelip Cold Sore Cream 2g -£0.99


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